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Managing in today's market has become unbelievably difficult. I would agree that one has to manage for creativity, and be creative to maintain in today's markets.

I believe that we, as leaders, need to forget most of what we've learned. The dog-eat-dog world of American capitalism has produced some of the wealthiest individuals through greed and corruption. Not to mention, millions of Americans have lost significant wealth because of impropriety and trust.

I believe that American leadership needs to return to the basics of trust, loyalty, and hard work. I admire the book Dropping Almonds by Bach Anon because of its genuine nature and realistic approach.

I, for one, have sat through several strategic meetings that cost up to $20k a day and walked away with nothing that would enhance my performance. We have become a nation of leaders that prefers "tag" phrases and strategic thought to hard work and dedication.

I've abandoned most of what I've learned and returned to the basics of what's important, people. My recommendation is to read Dropping Almonds.

The people have perished with vision, bad vision, for the past several years. The basics of business principles, values, and customer service need to return.

What ever happened to conducting business honestly with integrity? Visions can't overcome the dishonesty, greed, and absense of values.

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