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I'd argue that certain orgs and the people they hire aren't looking to be remarkable and merely look for a paycheck. So first, it's best to surround yourself with other people that also share your goal of being remarkable. Otherwise you'll have everyone else defending the status quo and one person trying to be remarkable. Speaking from experience, that doesn't work.

Excellent post, Diego. You've pointed out something important here. Sarcasm squelches creativity and innovation and far worse. It's demoralizing to employees. Let's understand that people do not enjoy being ridiculed. Even if an idea doesn't have legs, why use sarcasm? It's far better to pull one element of possibility from it and suggest ways to build on that. The reasons why the idea won't work can still be pointed out. That's called constructive criticism. A positive response helps people to reorient their thinking and lets them know their ideas may not always hit the mark, but they themselves are valued.

Diego - do you differentiate between sardonicism and sarcasm? I think some sarcasm can be lighthearted and fun...I think what's in question here is sardonicism, which I agree is categorically a Bad Thing.

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