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As a gearhead, this sort of thing frustrates me. Why show us something remarkable, only to pull it back and say it's not feasible?

The message we, the vocal minority, receive on our end is, "We could do better, but the mindless, consumer sheep demand more cookie-cutter mediocrity, so we're just going to keep doing that. You should totally buy a new Camry, though. They're really sweet in beige."

Granted, it would seem 75% or more of the enthusiast population never actually buys new, which means the majority of people clamoring for concepts like this Mighty FC, and lambasting Fiat-Chrysler for not putting it into production wouldn't buy one anyway, but why show that ace and follow with a low pair?

This sort of thing is a prime candidate for limited production, specialty markets. If you show it, you can build it. Why not accept deposits for a limited production run? If you don't get 1,000 people willing to pony up the cash on the front end, simply return everyone's cash less a small processing fee (stated up front)?

Then again, you don't need a six-figure, rolling megalith to drive around the world, do you...

This thing is very cool! Reminds of a Unimog, which is another vehicle I'd like to own someday.

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