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I agree Subaru is a great brand for so many reasons not only the ones you mentioned but additionally: the long-term commitment to AWD, the long-term commitment to their boxer engine configuration. My last car was a WRX wagon and I loved driving in it. If I get another car (no need for one in Tokyo really) I'm leaning towards the new WRX STI as it's a great balance of size, performance, cost.

Thanks for your thoughts, Gen. I'm right there with you: I love how Subaru says, "Dammit, we KNOW that a lower center of gravity is a Good Thing, and we're going to put boxer engines in our cars no matter what everyone else thinks."

I'm thinking of finding a good second-hand version of the previous generation STI. I'd like one in White. Anyone know of one?

That's a sick video, I love subies too!

Yes Subaru is the best!

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Subaru is our favorit car.
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I visited this blog first time and found it very interesting and informative.. Keep up the good work thanks..

Well, usually people compare Subaru with Mitsubishi; often the line up would be the Impreza against the Evo. For me their performance is almost the same, one only having a bit of an understeer than the other. But the selling point for me is the sound.

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