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As a current (and soon to be former) Saab owner, I echo your sentiment. (Saab's demise has the fingerprints of the Change Wheel all over it)

Ironically, Subaru is indeed on my short list for next purchases. Why? My snowboarding fetish has reached full bloom...... Take a trip to Tahoe and see all the avid Outback fans. Finally, a stationwagon with little to no social stigma. People LOVE that car. The same way....people...used to love their Saab....

Ah, yes.. Somehow my Dad was able to provide my brother and sisters and I with a few quirky-colored used Saabs to drive recklessly to and from high school in the late 70s/early 80s. He loved that they were built like refrigerators so we really couldn't hurt them too badly. We LOVED the funky shape and felt most hip pulling up to fall football games in our oxidized purple one (I think it was called a 99?).

As an adult, living in Portland, OR, then Bellingham, WA, and now Burlington, VT - you can guess what I drive. Yep - it brought me safely cross-country last winter, despite a very scary, out of cellphone range, ditch moment in Wyoming.

I no longer "eye" Saabs, but do remember the old ones fondly. Whenever I need to upgrade (and heck, this 96 Outback could last for years yet), it will be to a Subaru.

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