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just a side note, the caddy convertable that just came out (XLK ?) is actually a chevy underneath. a corvette to be precise. which might not be a bad thing because the new Z06 is pretty insane.......

Hmmm.... methinks the new C6 Corvette is actually a Cadillac underneath!

The Caddie went to market first (by many months), so...

On the other hand, Anthony, you bring up good point: Cadillac's product differentiation isn't as clear as it could be: the XLR and the Corvette DO share a common platform, and the CTS-V uses a Corvette motors.

However, we're talking Corvette. It's not like they're taking a Chevy economy car, slapping a badge on it, and calling that a Cadillac. They did thay in the early 80's.

What I find interesting about the Cadillac resurgence is how they seemed to have jumpstarted their brand rebuilding by leveraging a vehicle that was completely out of their historical legacy. The Escalade. When I grew up, Cadillac's were cars that grandparents and pimps drove. One can not underestimate the role blingin', hip-hop, and the uber-SUV craze had on bringing the Escalade to the fore. Now the Caddy folks are leveraging that brand as they reinforce their historical core of sedans, musclecars, etc.

caddy isn't the only brand that is leveraging hip hop cool. twice in the last 6 months, chrysler has made the news b/c snoop dogg and then 50 cent made requests directly for the 300 sedan and the new dodge charger. chrysler actually made public the message snoop dog left on someones voicemail, it was hilarious. you can't buy that kind of marketing. it is interesting in that bentley's and benz's used to be the rapper car of choice, now that seems to be shifting towards caddys and chryslers

Nick, you bring up a fundamental truth about the Cadillac car rennaissance: it's been fueled by incredible (in the true sense of the word) sales of bling-bling Cadillac SUV's. Jamie Kitman of Automobile magazine wrote a great column recently about the Cadillac brand, and how African American hip-hoppers have made it, well, a hip brand again for WASP suburbanites all of the US. It's one of those deal with the devil scenarios that Porsche recently embraced with its Cayenne SUV: sell lots of high-price, high-margin SUV's to the masses, use the profits to fund the development of hot cars like the CTS-V.

Anthony: it's the shizzle! That's official like a referee with a whistle.

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