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isn't it wonderful, how the ipod is the new epicentre of every design discussion?

be it as a positive or as a negative example...

or better: the ipod is the "prime meridian" - and apple the "greenwich" of our new business/product world.

quite great.

when - one fine day - steve jobs gets his place in the history-books, he will be remembered for this.

the good thing about the ipod success is not that this little product has sent millions and millions of individuals back into isolation... the good thing is, that it has brought design on the agenda.

and the good thing is, that steve jobs by no means does mistake design with styling or make-up.

design back to its bauhaus-roots.
sachlichkeit is not a style. it is an attitude.

a wonderful and strong lesson. let's hope, that we all will profit from this.

(and let's hope, apple gets this rather distasteful material problem fixed.... ;)

i never forget this dialogue between bill gates and steve jobs in the 90s docu-drama "pirates of silicon valley"
sj: "you know what the problem with you guys is, bill?... you guys have got absolutely no taste!"
bg: "you know what, steve... IT DOES NOT MATTER!"

2005 - looks like it matters...

let's hope so.
and do not forget to read: "in the bubble" by john thackara

Nice find Diego! As a writer turned designer, I have a huge fondness for the creation of new words that articulate a concept well and add to the utility of the language. Beausage is exactly the sort of goal I'm aiming for with the objects and furnishings I create these days... whereas, when I first started out, I was making found object art in order to call attention to bits and pieces that had already developed beausage. Cool.

As neologisms go, "beausage" doesn't strike me as terribly good design. The word is too reminiscent of "sausage," and the spelling doesn't make the pronunciation clear. How French should it be? Boh-sage? Bee-usage? I'm sticking to patina, which has traditionally included non-chemical wear.

On a more positive note, here's a quote from Jun’ichiro Tanizaki's In Praise of Shadows, written in 1933: "I suppose I shall sound terribly defensive if I say that Westerners attempt to expose every speck of grime and eradicate it, while we Orientals carefully preserve and even idealize it. Yet for better or for worse we do love things that bear the marks of grime, soot, and weather, and we love the colors and the sheen that | call to mind the past that made them. Living in these old houses among these old objects is in some mysterious way a source of peace and repose."

"..Beausage describes changes that happen in 3D where atoms get torn and stripped away, as occurs with scratches, tears, chips, and wear marks. I used to say "patina" when what I really meant was "beausage". It's nice to have both."

Beausage and patina don't relate to 2nd or 3rd dimensions- they are both about the 4th dimension

I'd love to see the same idea applied to the desktop OS or large website. Imagine being able to see where others have gone, or where you have commonly travelled on your search for files and folders and other information. I wrote a quick post on it here, and would love your feedback:


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