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Diego, as you say - innovation is so so far beyond cute design or product features - a part of life itself, whatever one does.

"Innovation" as a true "life purpose", do whatever you do the best you can in any way possible for you and blast what others think you can do...

Very inspiring, appreciated!

diego, until this post i always respected you. now i like you too.

man, this is where your heart is.
good to see.

Resistance to change (innovation) is way too common. Innovation does not guarantee victory… lack of innovation certainly guarantees (slow) defeat.

Great post Diego


Congrat's to Zanardi, and your point is well reinforced by the comments to this blog.

Innovation is difficult and I have found in the past that Dr. Giovanni Dosi has documented most of key components of this difficult topic in his research. Highly recommend it.

I am currently reviewing his research on my blog, check it out, comments appreciated.

I was very fortunate to have met Alex before his accident and I can attest that the man today is as great a man as he was after his first victory in CART. Having read his book and being able to see in print some of the stories that he told me years before was extremely gratifing.

Alex is a man worthy of hero status and I will cherish my memories of him forever. I was also fortunate to have been assigned to flag the corner at Laguna for "The Pass" so I guess that Alex and I have some sort of destiny and I hope that our paths cross yet again in the future.

Thanks for all the comments!

Zanardi's book is EXCELLENT -- highly recommended!

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