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I think they're doing a great job of engaging customers through their blog and tools like Flickr. I'm still not a big fan of their overall brand and product line, but it's comforting to know they're listening.

Corporate blogging isn't as easy as it seems, but it's definitely rewarding to get immediate feedback from customers.

This is another example of how GM recognizes the value of engaging customers on a more personal level than traditional media.

good auto. I like red!!!!

Wow! I'd expect this from one of the "cooler" car companies (Mini comes to mind). I guess someone is awake at GM. Good job!

As the Community Manager at Hitachi Data Systems (we sell Storage Solutions) we started using flickr as well


All I can say is Chevy better keep the production version looking like the concept car.

You have to make a really good deal with the photographer BEFORE considering this step - or might cost you a fortune to buy this kind of rights.

Visual content is expensive - do you have enough money to put in on Flickr?

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