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I love this ad! Thank you.

Oddly enough, it would have worked (more) for a CVT (continuously variable transmission) car. DSGs do require shifting in manual mode. I'm probably just being picky, but if I saw this ad and made Nissans, I would ask "why didn't we do this three years ago with our CVTs?"

Actually, I had the same thought -- it felt more like a CVT the kid was driving than a DSG.

But a bit of artistic license makes the point a bit stronger.

Cute commercial, I love when they tap into that unbridled love of cars that young ‘carguys’ have, reminds me of the Hummer soapbox race commercial. Has anyone seen the GE ecomagination - Capturing the Wind commercial, it has a similar theme, shows instead of tells. I think the theme of showing and these commercials fit into your earlier blog about design thinking and the beginners mind.

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