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What if the open world is clustered around the iPhone ecology, not actually about getting PC browser share... and anyway that will more likely come off IE... won't it?

I agree that the world has changed mostly for the better with respect to choice and end user experiences. However, in some areas, there are too many choices and making decisions takes time, (some of it wasted time). It has become overwhelming.

One other problem with too many choices is the possible reduction in opportunities for standardization which is needed to share information. With media and entertainment, customization is harmless, but when it comes to hard products like automobiles, user customization and self-determination without limits can become a safety and liability issue. Sometimes the customer doesn't know what's best.


The thoughts here kept making me wonder where I had seen a "scientific" argument in the same vein... I just picked up Christensen's book "Seeing What's Next" to reread and it hit me: a BusinessWeek interview with Clayton C. http://snipurl.com/1qcaz which uses "Innovator's Dilemma" thinking on Apple.

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