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Yeah, so here I am in Nagoya yesterday and I hear this ripping, snorting exhaust coming down the street behind me. A GT-R! Did I have the camera at ready? ........ no...... I am so sorry...

I am however seeing some interesting hardware here. Ferraris, a '65 Mustang convertible, old VW Kharman Ghias and a multitude of beautiful little boutique automobiles. Will try and get some pics for Jonesblog over the next couple of days when I am not working.

I forget if I've posted these here before but the prototype photos from 2005 are here:


The real deal, as debuted at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show is here:


It was so mobbed that I couldn't get closer for better images.

I have a whole bunch of other motor show photos to put up soon (Audi R8, Casey Stoner's Ducati MotoGP bike, etc.)

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