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Love the Quattro!



Don't forget the Delta S4 either- another monster.


The cars that carry the mantle of the Quattro or Delta today, the Evo or the WRX STI, are amazing but somehow lack a certain something that the older cars had.

I'm still waiting for Diego's take on the Atom. The Ariel Atom.

Oh.... the 16 year old me back in 1986 wanted so badly to get an Audi Sport Coupe!

There's a Quattro getting around here in South Australia. I'm sure it belongs to Vern Schuppan. He drove it in a Classic Adelaide rally a couple of years ago. Your metacool blog inspired me to do a blog of my own where I mainly like to talk about a sports car you probably have never heard of - the Bolwell. If you are interested, it's at http://wwwbollyblog.blogspot.com/

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