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I like it!

Getting started is often my problem too. And in school the same rule applied. I remember studying for calculus exams and often, once I got past the hurdle of starting...I could do the problem.

So to study I ended up categorizing problems into types and writing little recipes for myself. "To do this type of problem, start with..." Then on the exam I'd remember how to start and the rest was easy.

At times, just starting something, versus being paralyzed until the perfect strategy gets developed, is the better way to go. I know that I've had the most success and movement when I felt free to just do it.

'Startegy' seems more process-based.
'Strategy' seems more outcome-based.

I often default to strategy, but want to move more in the direction of startegy - it is more fun, spontaneous, and adventurous! Plus, process-based decisions parallel life more accurately.


I think you should you take your own startegy advice and run with it.

John Maeda is being inaugurated at RISD tonight, and when I saw what RISD planned to do I had to share the link.



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