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solving the problems that your strategy uncovers.

...mastering the possible within contraints

Like this game. Very worthwhile.

Keep creating...unexpected connections,

...creating order.
...being thoughtful.

Solving the pain of your customer.
- uncovering where the pain is.
- reflecting why there is pain.
- solve the real problem.

... solving problems with new combinations.

… Intently clarifying needs and desires to create choices and constraints while moving the baseline.

... starting with the user, not the use.

… a proactive creative process to achieve an outcome.
… complete if an outcome is achieved
… incomplete if an outcome is not achieved

The outcome of the design process is
… positive if it matches the problem resolution
… neutral if it has no effect on the problem
… negative if it makes the problem worse

In any case, creative designing is proactive and a separate entity from the outcome. Problem solving is comparative and reactive; an attempt to match outcomes to the resolution of a problem.

... the act of bringing form and function into synergy

I've always liked the Eamesian definitions of design:

"A plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose."

"Recognition of need. An expression of purpose"

*from the films of Charles & Ray Eames


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