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A new node between dots to increase productivity or increase value of dots.

...hard work, tenacity, and discipline that ends up looking like magic. :)

Innovation is the moment you are looking/doing something and the light-bulb just goes off where you find a better way to do it.

....Means by which one can create either new wealth-producing resource or endow existing resource with enhanced potential for creating wealth
....Systematic abandonment / creative destruction
....Purposeful and organized use of opportunity of changes

Usefulness in a new wrapping (:

...realizing a valua-enhancing idea in the right eco-system

...realizing a value-enhancing idea in the right eco-system

…using design to create a new and better way.

applied creativity . . .

What of the notion that innovation is business-friendly speak for "design" or design thinking?

...is a new and profound technology that made things more easier may it be for tangible or intangible objects.

kimberly ventura

...a leap in the genetic evolution of an idea
... the execution of the simplicity that was hiding amongst the clutter of the current paradigms

...finding the perfect solution to a problem that you didn't realize existed.

...oftentimes, a [self-evident] combination of already known elements that provides a completely new solution or a radical improvement to an existing one

i just bumped into this one reading "The Universal Traveler": innovation is the goal of creativity

....... Is illustrated by the old commercial with the guy eating a chocolate bar bumping into the guy eating peanut butter……… this is innovation in essence.

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