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Ahh... sounds to me like you subscribe to the Cult of Done Manifesto - http://www.ikiw.org/2009/03/04/the-cult-of-done-manifesto/ - Bravo!

Japanese culture encourages thinking before taking action and always assume there is a right answer to solve a problem. But as long as creativity is concerned, try-and-error phase is necessary, it seems. Why? Because there is no right answers for your problem yet. There is no efficient steps to get a new idea as you say.

One of good features of blogging is NOT to impress people with great ideas but to show your process to come up with essence. Of cause it is a good strategy to show essence only but you need to work out somewhere else to get an idea.

In addition to this, I believe I need to learn from my previous posts, look back and reconsider so that to come up with better something and hope to contribute to somebody. Also learning from track-back and comments are helpful. Social bookmark services have unique feature. Sometimes their comments convey messages to writers.

This entry is very encouraging and therefore I would like to introduce to Japanese readers here.

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