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big fan of your principles...
love this one because it reminds me that there is always room for better (so why hold back?) and for competition in the marketplace.

This series is very helpful --- thanks for sharing!

When it comes to "ideas" I think of a favorite quote; "ideas are like children, their special when they're your own."

But as you point out, most ideas are some form of an adopted child.

Keep creating...practical surprise,

Thanks Diego!
You say: "Much of innovating is actually about stealing ideas from one context, connecting them to other ideas, and putting them to work in another."

But I think Facebook and Friendster are the same context. Facebook executed in a way that was more broadly appealing (e.g. not carrying the "hook-up site" stigma, maintaining privacy better.)

So I'm getting caught up on your "context' and "analogous" experiments, when I think you mean don't be afraid to steal from anyone and make their thing better.


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