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In many ways if one keeps talking instead of doing, then no mistakes have been made.....yet. If the first actions are small successes, then they just look obvious, not that those making the actions are genius. If the first actions are failures, you are clearly right, those taking the actions easily end up not looking smart. Failure is scary beause the end point of a series of failures is unknown. When will it be solved if ever?

Sometimes I think it is best to show that you can tack, before you show that you have been buffeted by headwinds. This would be another reason to make sure that the first steps are blazingly quick. You can move on to find a successful step and then be able to tell the story of failures leading to success. Otherwise, if the first steps are too slow/big and are failures, then you're stuck in the failed state for far too long and thus will be noticed.

If the larger organization is not set up to understand the stairway to success (via small failure steps), what is it set up for?

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