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I like the way you illustrated the people, objects, and ideas. Your approach reminds me of the Landor tool used to visually describe brands in the form of vehicles, animals, personalities, etc.

I completed your exercise and came up with the following list (I wish I could have uploaded an image):

Mario Lemieux
66 Corvette Stingray
Steve Prefontaine
Dick Fosbury (creator of the Fosbury flop)
Warren Buffet
Ford Model T
Da Vinci Surgical System
World Expo site (Shanghai)
Thomas Edison
Solar Panels
Steve Jobs
Harvard Business Review

Words that come to mind include: authentic, creative, driven, ingenious, passionate, unique, impact, and confident. You are right; there is a pattern of those with a strong point of view.

Do you have an example of when you had to say no to something that didn't matter?


Hi Diego,

Is it coincidental... I composed a wallpaper a couple of weeks ago that fuels my little light burning inside, here at the RCA in London.

16 Images, 16 Leaders. I won't give details;

Ingvar Kamprad
Chris Bangle
Ratan Tata
Al Gore
Dieter Rams
Geoff Ross
Jon Ive
Steve Jobs
Akio Morita
Tim Brown
Bucky Fuller
Nialls Fergason
Richard Branson
David Kelly
Mohammed Yunas
Steve Jobs

Would love to share it with you.


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