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This is great advice. I am a firm believer that being remarkable, whilst maintaining a foundation of integrity, leads to a strong reputation/brand and unforseen opportunities.

Tina Seelig at Stanford puts it best by saying "never miss an opportunity to be fabulous". With this mindset throughout my MBA degree, I have come across opportunities I never could have imagined.

I was linked to your piece on David E. Davis this afternoon. Someone you probably don't know said I should get to know you. I ended up reading the Davis piece, then all 20 innovation principles.

The idea was to jot down the numbers of the ones that spoke to me, but, by the time I got to #8, I'd written six of them down and drawn out a couple sketches on Post-Its to keep on the periphery here in the cube at the daily grind. #11 went out in quotes on my Twitter feed because, well, sooth.

All in all, the last hour+ has been incredibly rewarding. Now the question is, do I pause and do the point of view exercise with the little pictures (kudos on the tasteful inclusion of Stevesy, by the way), or do I make the jump find out what "Remarkable feels like?"

Hell. There's time for both, methinks.

Just a passing comment from a new subscriber. Cheers.

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