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Absolutely worthy of more study. Everyone should understand this.

It's possible we've all been told, at some point in our lives, not to chase the paycheck - to do what we love instead - and the money will follow. While I know this to be true (now), it's an oversimplification.

Coming from a gearhead perspective, it seemed like the only real opportunities for me in that realm were selling cars or fixing them for irresponsible owners. Since neither of these appealed to me, and nothing else I could think of seemed capable of keeping a roof over my head whilst starting out, I shelved my dreams and joined the rat race.

Instead of telling people to do what they love and the money will follow, we need to be telling everyone to explore and understand their passions.

- Why does doing this mean so much to me?
- Why do I do this for free?

Only I can qualify my own intrinsic motivators. Once I realized I more enjoy modifying car culture than the cars themselves a lot of things became clear. I could draw parallel lines.

Intrinsic motivation, then, is a sense of direction. It's Polaris. It is the difference between work-life balance, where survival and living are pitted against one another in a sadistic balancing act, and work-life PARALLEL, where the gearhead who enjoys modifying car culture discovers he also enjoys modifying corporate culture.

That gleam in the eye of "this is going to happen?" That's just a hint at the fire burning in the belly. We walk established paths when we need to, but only insofar as they make travel in our chosen directions easier.

Great post. Cheers to you, mate.

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