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You wrote: "When it comes to the pursuit of creative outcomes, email stinks."

In my opinion ... most activities - creative or not - are not well served by email. In my own field of executive recruiting, we (clients, candidates and recruiters) are discussing people's qualitative attributes, chemistry between human beings, "gut instinct" and other such highly nuanced topics. I remain surprised at how much email is relied upon as the vehicle for communication, and how difficult it is sometimes to catch clients (and candidates) on the phone.

I agree that email is not only imperfect but a hinderance in tasks that require creation and collaboration, but think to globally condemn it is going a bit far.

Email isnt only beneficial for scale but provides several other benefits too - not least of which is the process of writing something down and turning abstract thoughts or conversations into concrete sentences.

While not sexy a significant amount of work at a company involves just getting everyone on the same page regarding factual things like due dates, roles, etc.. Frequently email is the best (though annoying) way to do this.


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